What did you do last night with George? Tell me where you went, what you did, who you saw, and about the most exciting activity together. I also want you to tell me where you and George would like to go on vacation and why. Remember, don't leave any information out of your story and write in complete sentences.

Start writing here. ->Dear Mr.Bigley
Me and George went to the park,and we went to the movie theater to see Chaiwawa. George asked me for some rootbeer and sour worms so I said yes. Then we went to my Uncle Kim's. George played with my little baby girl cousin. Then we took a picture of George. We had alot of funnnnnnnn. I introduced George to my Mom, Dad, and Brothers named Jaryn and Mikhail. They played together, and then we went to my Grammy;s to play on the computer Dicez,and the website is called www.tothegames.com George had so so much fun!
I never knew Monkeys liked Root beer and sour worms. I will remember that the next time George comes over. You will have to see if Koda likes them when he visits you. Maybe you could take Koda to hockey practice. I think bears are good on ice.

What did you do with Koda last night? Tell me where you went, who you saw, and about all the fun you had. Please do not leave out a detail. Also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Before you start writing read over your last entry and my suggestions to you. Try to make this one better then the last one. Don’t forget to answer all my questions.

Start writing here.-->Mr. Bigly
Me and koda had alot of fun and koda had alot of fun and koda did want to play ice hockey with me he scored 4 goals. But Koda did have alot of fun playing my playstation 2 with me on tony hawk proving ground. But he created his own player and named it my name,and then koda wanted to play hockey on the playstation2. Then Breaden came over and saw koda koda was shy so I said to koda dont be shy he is my qousin then he said hi.Koda had alot of fun!

The animal I would like to be is a eagel and I want to be a eagel because it reminds me about the rockin philadelphia eagels and because it is the State Capital Bird and beacuse they can fly that is the animal i want to be.