What did you do with Eddy last night? Write about what you did and where you went. Make sure you use a lot of details.
When Eddy and I got home we had a popsicle. The popsicle was gingerale flavored. Then we unpacked my bookbag. Then Eddy met my cat Kirby. Eddy liked Kirby. Eddy sat on Kirby for a little while. Eddy said he was hungry so I gave him 2 cookies. He had a sugar rush afterwards.Then Eddy met my mom. She called him,"Horton". Eddy thought that was funny.Then Eddy and I went on the swings. He had fun on the swings.Then Eddy and I jumped some rope. After that we took a rest for 2 minutes on the couch.Then I showed Eddy my room and showed him where he would be sleeping, and what he would be sleeping on.Then we played on webkinz a bit.Eddy and I made a awesome room together on Webkinz.After that we hung around a bit.Then I read to Eddy.I read, "The First Women Doctor "to him.For dinner we went to McDonalds.Then we went to basket bingo.Eddy and my family won a first aid basket.Eddy liked the fries at McDonalds the most.Then I put Eddy to bed.We had fun Friday.
On Saturday we had oatmeal for breakfast.Eddy loved the cinnimon taste. After that we went to the dentist.Eddy had perfect tusks.I had to get a filling.Then we went to the bakery.Eddy ate a big fluffy smothered in chocolate donut.He loved the donut.Eddy is having fun with one of my lil'kinz Howie Jr[penguin].Eddy is having fun driving in my moms' little blue buggie.Then we hung around a bit. We went to a party.We had chicken for dinner.We went grocery shopping.We came home and I put Eddy to bed.
On Sunday Eddy had Trix cereal for breakfast.Then we played on Webkinz.Then Eddy and I went to my Aunts' house.We had hotdogs for lunch.Then we went to my Aunts' salon because my mom cleans their salon every other weekend.Then we went on Webkinz.Then we went to the Wawa.Eddy and I got some snowcaps.We also got a soft pretzel.We ate about 10 snowcaps and half the pretzel.Then we came home.We jumped some rope.Eddy took a nap for 5 hours.We had sausage for dinner.Eddy did not eat dinner because he was sleeping.I woke up Eddy and got him ready for bed at 10:00 P.M.Eddy had a fun weekend, but all that Eddy wants to do right now is sleep.That is what I did with Eddy over the weekend.We had fun.
You guys had a great time. I hope you have that much fun the next time you have Eddy or Freddy. You used great detail. I love how you had him checked out at the dentist. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.
On Friday when Eddy and I got home we had a juicy, crunchy, apple. Then we went to my friend Bridgets' house.We ripped up the house she made out of a box in sciene and redid the whole thing.The walls were made out of a red material with little gray puppies[shnauzers].The floor was black made out of colored paper.There were two paper beds with a bed spread the same as the walls.The sheets were made out of a normal purple material.The pillow was made out of the same things of the walls.There was a fridge,a couch,a computer, a side table, a HUGE FLAT SCREEN t.v.Then I we went home at 9:00pm.When we got home we watched the "Golden Compass".We fell asleep on the couch.Then we woke up at 12:00 and went to bed.We slept in my bed.
On Saturday we had Lucky Charms for breakfast.Then we went on Webkinz a bit.Then we went to Noelle's at 4:00p.m.We left Noelles' at 6:00p.m.Then we went on Webkinz.Then we made a bathroom, a dining room, and a kitchen out of boxes.Then we wathced "Harry Potter 3".When it was over we went to bed at 12:00pm.That is what we did on Saturdy.Eddy slept with me.
On Sunday we had "Honey Combs" for breakfast [cereal].Then we went outside untill lunch.At lunch time we had a poptart.Then we went back outside untill 3:00pm.At three we went to Noelle's and we slept over.Noelle,Eddy and I had tacos for dinner.When we got there we went on her new trampoline.Then we talked.Then we went to the playgrond at Sheckler and went on the swings.We went mini golfing after dinner and got icecream.Then we went on the trampoline more.At 8:00pm we went inside to play Wii.We played "Wii Sports" and "Wario Smooth Moves".Before we went on the Wii we went on Webkinz.We played Wii from 8:00pm till 1:00am.Then we went to bed.
In the morning at Noelle's we slept till 9:00am.Then we had chocolate pancakes for breakfast.Then we played Wii.Then we went on the trampoline.Then we played some more Wii .Then we went home at 11:30am.Then Eddy and I went to my grandmas' house.We went in her pool but we got out right away because it was ice cold.Then we played Nintendo 64.Then we went in the pool but we stayed in and we got use to it.We had sausage for dinner.Then we played birdie.Then we had brownies for desert and went home.Then we went on Webkinz at 8:00pm.Then we got a shower, read a little bit,and then watched TV untill we fell asleep.We had a lot of fun together.Oh, and Eddy wanted to say ,"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY"!!!!!!!!!!