What did you do with Eddy last night? Write about what you did and where you went. Don't leave out any details because I want to hear it all. Make sure you write in complete sentences.

Last night when I had Eddy we got home we watched some tv. We watched Life with Derek on Disney channel. For dinner we had chicken with fries. But Eddy did not like the chicken. Eddy loved the fries though! The fries were called shoe strings. We also read a book. We read a chapter of " My Side Of The Mountain " Eddy likes the book so far. I walked to the park while Eddy was at my house working out and playing video games. When I got home I gave Eddy a pretend bath. Also when I came home after school I went on Webkinz with Eddy. He liked seeing himself on the computer screen. Eddy did not like my dog. He did not like my dog because she kept chasing him, and smelling him. After I got home from the park Eddy was asleep. While he was sleeping I went to the YMCA with my Dad and brother. When we got home Eddy was still sleeping. I woke him up and he watched some baseball on tv. And then I put Eddy to bed around 10:00 PM. Eddy and I had a lot of fun! And that is what I did with Eddy when I was Zoo Keeper. By: Andrea

Andrea, this was a great summary. It seems like you and Eddy had a wonderful time. I can't wait for you to get him again because the possibilities of what you two are going to do together are endless.