What did you do last night with George? Tell me where you went, what you did, who you saw, and about the most exciting activity together. I also want you to tell me where you and George would like to go on vacation and why. Remember, don't leave any information out of your story and write in complete sentences.

Start writing here. ->First when we got home I let him get to no(know) my family. Then we unpacked my backpack. When I was done with my homework I went to the park. I saw Hope there. She got to see me since I have not seen her for a while. Then she got to meet George for her first time. She thought he was very cute. After that we went to the store. I got george a blue blanket with flowers on it. He really liked it. Then we went to Burger King. He realy liked the burger. He even tryed to eat mine. Then we went to my brothers football game. My brothers team won. George loved it but he started to get tierd so we went home. I read him a bed time story. Then I gave him a drank(drink) of water. Then he fell to sleep.
I think George really liked being with you. Maybe next time you should get him a Whopper at Burger King. I am sure that will fill him up and he won't try to take your food. I am not sure what you and Koda are going to do. It might be too cold to go to the park. I am sure you will have a great time together. Keep up the good writing.

What did you do with Koda last night? Tell me where you went, who you saw, and about all the fun you had. Please do not leave out a detail. Also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Before you start writing read over your last entry and my suggestions to you. Try to make this one better then the last one. Don’t forget to answer all my questions.

Start writing here.-->I would like to be a cheeta because of there spots and color. Before we got home I showed koda were my dad works. Then we went home and took my first picture.So then we went to Giant to get food and whenwe got home I went outside to play in the snow I took Koda with Me Dont worry he didnt get wet.I think he liked that then I let him eat A snack and watch some TV. After that he got to see my Baby cousin and Meet the rest of my Family he realy liked them.Then it was time for Dinner out of all of the food he liked the peas.so then after dinner I went to my friend Alleys house she said he was the cutest thing ever. she has A lot of Webkins and he played with them all. When we were about to leave she called koda and gave him a cookie it was chocolate chip he enjoyed that .My mom asked if I can walk to the store for her. When we got home he looked tierd so I let him watch a qick show then he went to bed. And then it was the next Morning we went to Mc.Donalds we got hashbrowns and a egg sandwitch and koda didnt try to eat my food I think Goerge was just hungry. then koda wanted to see his Webkinz friends at alleys house. and we had a sleepover at her house he slep with the Webkinz we slep out in the living room. After that my cousin Summer came over. She got to see koda she loved him I let her take the the picture that she wanted to take.Then we went on the computer to play Webkinz.I let koda play two games on Webkinz.It was the next morning we had breakfast we had dippie eggs with bacon with Orange Juice. and then went outside to play then we got hotchocolate. then we went by my friend Alleys house and said Hi realy qiuck. then we went to the Mall with my friend Abby and koda he liked the mall he thouht it was realy big. And he liked the smell of the food. so I got him a soft icecream he loved it. at first he didnt even know what it was so I let him try it.And I got him a little blanket its Green. When we were about to leave he didnt want to go he wanted to stay Ifelt bad so we stayed for a little bit more he was so happy. It was getting late so we had to leave and this time he didnt begg to stay so I went home and played with Summer and all of my friends including Koda he play with my baby cousin and play with his toys to. he loved my baby cousin they were friends once Koda got here my baby cousin was the first one to see Koda including me. then we watched some TV Kodas favoret show was Hanah Montanah he liked the music on it. and he got to play my DS on the DS he played Goerge of the jungle. then we played candy land and red light green light he won six times I won five times. then we played Mother May I but Ibeat him that time but he wasnt a poor sport he kept on playing he didnt care who won or lost he just wanted to play. so then we went to Abbys house this time she had a dog Koda loved her dog Koda got to give her dog a treat he loved that part. and she only has one Webkin though its name is Princess it was a horse.So it was getting late so we went to bed. I thought Koda was realy nice to have he was the best thank you for letting me have see you next time.