What did you do last night with George? Tell me where you went, what you did, who you saw, and about the most exciting activity together. I also want you to tell me where you and George would like to go on vacation and why. Remember, don't leave any information out of your story and write in complete sentences.

Start writing here. ->George and I were doing homework together when my dog came in. After homework I gave George a four-wheel ride on a toy. We took pictures of George on the four- wheeler. It was fun to have George over for the night. We practiced my flute that night. He hellped me with my flute. Then, we had dinner. It was chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Then we got ready for bed. We burshed our teeth and went down stairs and made our beds. Dad said you should looked at a magazine. Then George brought up the car ride. It was ok we watched Scooby Doo. George took a nap with Shadow my dog. They are best firends now. I wish George could stay one more day. We read in bed and we talked about the story. Then we walked my four - wheel trail. He liked the trail so we walked it again. It was fun having George over. George and I went to bed . In the morning we had to get up early to get to catty. We slept on the way down. Then we got ready for school the next day George helped me pack for school.We had fun.
You should take George to band practice so he makes sure you play in time. George also told me he wants me to buy him a four-wheeler since he loved riding on yours so much. I think you spoiled him, haha. Remember to answer all the questions. You forgot to tell me where you would go on vacation. You two seemed to have a wonderful time together. I hope you take Koda on just as many adventures, and keep writing these great journal entries!


What did you do with Koda last night? Tell me where you went, who you saw, and about all the fun you had. Please do not leave out a detail. Also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Before you start writing read over your last entry and my suggestions to you. Try to make this one better then the last one. Don’t forget to answer all my questions.

Start writing here.-->Koda and I left school and when we got to my house. We did home work together until the dog and cat came in the house. Then we had to go in my room to do the rest of my home work. Then I taught him how to play the flute. Koda met my dog hector, my cat lusy, and my other cat rupunsle! Koda and I ate dinner. It was pasta and we drank water. We dressed up I was Spider Ela and Koda was tiring to dress up as a person. Koda asked me if we could play hide in go seke in the house so we did and Koda won. Then we watched Water Horse on T.V. We also watched cartoons on T.V. Then Koda wanted to take a nap in my stoking. We also played pet shops in my living room. Then we got ready for bed. In the morning we packed up and got on the bus to school.