What did you do last night with George? Tell me where you went, what you did, who you saw, and about the most exciting activity together. I also want you to tell me where you and George would like to go on vacation and why. Remember, don't leave any information out of your story and write in complete sentences.

Start writing here. ->When I got home we played with Kane, my brother's dog. He tried to get him, but I hit Kane. After that, I did my flashcards(flash cards) with George. Then I did my homework. While I was doing my homework I said the numbers 1,2,4,8 and George said 1,2,4,8 who do we appreciate...me, me, me, Georgie! (I think that you might be making George into a cheerleader. He seemed good at that) After I finished my homework George ate dinner with me. We had chichen(chicken) with salsa, and noodles with sprinkled cheese. George really liked dinner, and he drank a lot and burped a lot, but said excuse me. When dinner was over we got ready for dance classes. The first class was hip hop and he only watched, but when hip hop was over I showed him the dance. I pulled him out of my bag and he did the dance and was really good. Next was jazz, and he was watching the dance and all the things we did. When he saw our new dance that we just started today he tried to do it when it was over. He had trouble because he has small legs, and the moves we had do do were ball changes and twists. The final class was tap, and we started our recital dance, and he couldn't do it without tap shoes. It is very hard to do without tap shoes. After dance we came home and I showed George my DS, and he liked my dogs on Nnintendogs. After playing the game we started writing this. When I finished writing what I did I tried to go on webkinz but I don't know how, even though I have my own webkinz. We then played with Bella, and then George and I brushed our teeth and went to bed.
I am changing my mind. I think you will probably be able to teach George dance. He seemed to really like it. I think if we found him mini tap shoes he would be able to do the tap dance. You seemed to have a wonderful time together. I am so glad you did not let Kane get him. You were a very good zookeeper.

What did you do with Koda last night? Tell me where you went, who you saw, and about all the fun you had. Please do not leave out a detail. Also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Before you start writing read over your last entry and my suggestions to you. Try to make this one better then the last one. Don’t forget to answer all my questions.

Start writing here.-->When we got home Kane was at the door. I started my homework, Koda got bored. When I finshed my homework we played ds. When my mom got home from work she checked my homework. When I finished Bella got Koda but mom got Koda back. Koda was ok. Then we played Bakougan then my brother Bruce came home.Then Brian came home he took off his shirt and he has a tatoo on his back that Koda saw. My dad got home and was making dinner. We are having grilled cheese,tomato soup, and Italian wedding soup.When we were sitting at the table Bruce threw Koda. Koda was ok. Then we ate. Koda really liked it and he said thank you.Then we watched my brothers play Halo. Then my mom came home and helped me with stuff that was going on at the house. We named Koda the Kung Fu Master because he had to fight Bella off. We made him a head band to wipe away all the sweat from his fights. After making him a head band he watched me play the flute. When I was done with the flute we had to brush our teeth and get ready for bed.
When we woke up we found out that we didn't have to go to school so we ate cereal and then went into my room to play hospital. I cut up material to make Koda bandages after his fight with Bella which is one of my three dogs. At lunchtime we had chicken noodle soup with crackers but Koda did not eat he decided to take a nap. After lunch I helped my brother clean up the stuffing from his pillow that our dog Kane chewed apart. After that I made my brother a new pillow out of a pillow case with the stuffing from my brother's chewed up pillow.Then my dad came home and made dinner and I got ready for dance. I was running late so Koda had to stay home and take a nap until I got back from dance. When I got home from dance I had to take a shower then I finished sewing my brother's pillow with Koda. We had a snack before bed. After the snack we had to brush our teeth and go to bed.
In the morning we woke up for school, got dressed, ate eggs for breakfast then brushed our teeth. I took off the bandages from Koda's battle wounds before we left for school.

If I could be an animal I would be a female lion. The reason I would pick a female lion is becasue I love lions and they are very strong and fast kinda like Koda a.k.a. Kung Fu Master.