What did you do last night with George? Tell me where you went, what you did, who you saw, and about the most exciting activity together. I also want you to tell me where you and George would like to go on vacation and why. Remember, don't leave any information out of your story and write in complete sentences.

Start writing here. ->George and I had so much fun. When we got home we did homework. But he did not tell me the anwers. (I love how you use a sense of humor in your writing. It keeps it interesting) When we finised we wached tv. He liked the shows. Then when my mom came home we played on webkinz, it was fun. We took tuns and he loved it. Then I got ready for football. I left the tv and Webkinz on for George. George was sad but he knew I was coming back. When I got home he was so happy to see me. Then george and I ate dinner. George said it was so good. Then I took a shower. When I got out George and I wached tv.Then we played around for a little bit. Then George and I got tired, but he wanted to wach more tv(TV).Then we went to bed and he said that his day was fun.
George and I would like to go to Disney World because I have been their and I would show him around and go on rides with him.

You did some great writing with you first journal. You made George become a real person and gave him life like qualities. I also like how you made sure you answered all my questions. Way to read the multistep question. I think Koda would love to come home with you now! Keep up the good work.

What did you do with Koda last night? Tell me where you went, who you saw, and about all the fun you had. Please do not leave out a detail. Also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Before you start writing read over your last entry and my suggestions to you. Try to make this one better then the last one. Don’t forget to answer all my questions.

Start writing here.-->Koda and I had so much fun. When we got home we wach tv. Then I did my homework Koda was waiting for me to finash my homework. Then we went to my bedroom and starded to play board games. Koda keeped on wining. Then my dad called Koda and I for dinner. Koda was so hungry he ate all of it. He said it was so good. When I finash he wanted to wach tv. My mom made her rice pudden for Koda. Koda Ioved it he said it was better then dinner. Then it was time to go to sleep.koda said he had such a fun day. If I were a animal I would be a bear.
The end