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I am doing this to work with and learn about new technology. Also o try something new and to take responsilaty to a fun project.
We used a digital camera, scanners also a video recorder
What we did was first we started our glogs by picking a backround and chose what we wanted to call glogs. Then we addedgraphics from glogster to make the glog look nicer. We also took videos of are selfs and loaded them up to the computer so we could use the videos on our glogs. With the digital camera we took pictures of us and the two wedkinz that we take home for school and put those pictures on our glogs. After we put the pictures with the webkinz Little Leo and Cuddles on we added links that go the the writing we did about the day we took home one of the wedkinz home. One for Little Leo and one for Cuddle. We worked on our glogs at home, and even put wed sights on. We tryed to make our glogs discribe us as much as posible.
We worked on our glogs over the corse of about 6 weeks. I worked some hours at school and some hours a home. The contributors to the project are my 3 friends, Sage, Gina, and Britney me and my teacher Mr. Bigley.
I got my graphics mostly from glogster, but my pictures I got from different places. My Hersey picture came from my mom's camera then we download to my mom's computer and uploaded it to my glog. I got my backround from Sage. She sent it to my gmail acount. Then I uploaded the picture Sage sent me to use as a backround. I got my 24 card picture from google search.

Katie, I left your dad a message and sent him a email. Can you please let him know that the date of the computer fair was wrong. It is the 12th of March and not the 15th. Let me know if that is ok with him.