What did you and Cuddles do last night? Where did you go, and who did you see? Please write in complete sentences and make sure you do not spell her name wrong.
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Last night, We went to the Natural Museum in New York. At new york we went to the bakery to bake pretty cakes. Then, we ate them. Next we went a restaurant and we choose mac & cheese so the waiter brought our food. We had a great night. After, we went to new york, it was late. So we went home. We dream about when we went to Doney Park. we played games, ate food, and went on rides.
Great story. Did you really go to those places with Cuddles? If not, please write about what you really did. I would like to hear about how you watch Arthur when you go home, and I want to know if Cuddles liked it. I know Little Leo is waiting to be with you. Have fun with him.

Oh, we did watch Authur too.