What did you and Cuddles do last night? Where did you go, and who did you see? Please write in complete sentences and make sure you do not spell her name wrong.
Start writing here (Press EDIT in the right corner to begin. Press SAVE when you are done.)
Me and cuddles(Cuddles and I) went home and when we got there we made spagetti(spaghetti) for supper. And then we watch a litte tv and then we went to a store that had other webkinz. And he seen(saw) all his other friends at the store. And then we got(went) home. Then when we got home we brushed are(our) teeth and then we went to bed.

Great journal entry. I like how you and Cuddles went to see his other friends. I am sure he is lonely without them. Good thing he has you guys.
My one suggestion for you is to not start any sentences with the word "and". Work on that for next time and show Little Leo how good of a typer you are. Enjoy your time together.