What did you and Cuddles do last night? Where did you go, and who did you see? Please write in complete sentences and make sure you do not spell her name wrong.

Start writing here (Press EDIT in the right corner to begin. Press SAVE when you are done.)--> When Cuddles and I got on the bus,we did my homework.(You did your homework on the bus?) When we got home, we played with my Nintendo DS and had a snack. Then, Cuddles got tired so I made her a bed out of my sweatshirts.(Did she get to use the Peanut butter and Jelly sweatshirt?) When she woke up, we went up to my room.I introduced Cuddles to my Aunt Fran. When we got up to my room, I turned the TV on so Cuddles and I could watch it. Before long, Cuddles fell back asleep! We had sausage for dinner, which was good because Cuddles was really hungry.We had chocolate cake ( my favorite!) for dessert. Cuddles liked the cake and said she was full.Then we played the Wii. Before we go to bed, I will introduce Cuddles to my other Webkinz. It was a great day and I hope it is fun tomorrow.

Gina, You and Cuddles seemed to have a great time together. I am impressed that you can do your homework on the bus. Also, how come you did not bring me any chocolate cake? J/K You also seemed to be a very good caretaker to her. I am sure she would love to stay with you again. You did some good writing. I like how descriptive you were. It made it very easy to imagine what you two did together.